Youth is the lifeline of our country. If empowered, they have the potential to excel. Today, the challenges faced by youth include health, education and skill enhancement. Your contribution can help the youth to perform to their abilities and acquire career-defining skills. Youth’s shoulders need to be strong as they have to bear the burden of taking care of themselves, their family and the nation.

            Campus Engagements:

The many aspects of connecting students to campus by engaging them in co-curricular activities. Our mission is to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities that promote student involvement outside of the classroom.

We shortlist those collages for campus engagements where, the particular studies are lack of identification of corporate companies.

Eg: studies in agriculture segment ..etc.

             SAR Activity:

We do organize free workshops in eligible colleges, to let students realize their self-ability through soft skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills…

Apart from this we also organize Knowledge Transfer workshops in the society by playing the key role of via media between the donors and the trainers.